Let’s Collaborate

Mainly, we want to inspire couples to escape together – whether it be their honeymoon, an international holiday or just a quick one-day outing or weekend getaway.

Life is crazy and the world is beautiful – and this post will be far too long if we start motivating why traveling together is beneficial 😉.

Our audience is equally local (Kenyan) as it is global. It tends to influence people who are either interested in travel, adventure or finding the best things to do and experience, as well as people who are interested in the couple lifestyle and want to aspire to truly living life!!

We speak our truth on relationships and travel, and in turn, hope to showcase a few brands that have touched us along the way.

Who or How to Collaborate with us

1.Travel content

We can create travel content for your brand in the form of photos, videos, vlogs, and blogs. Here are some examples:

  • Do you want to show the world about the beautiful trips or safaris you organize?
  • Is your transportation service offering new destinations which you want to promote?
  • Do you have quality accommodation that you would like to share to with a broader audience?
  • Is your website in need for travel articles and blogs?

The content which we develop for you can be shared on our website, our social media channels or yours, depending on the preference of your brand.

2. Reviews of products & services

Is your brand looking for a personal, honest and creative review of your product or service? Let us know!

  • With services, we mean hotels, resorts, hostels, camps, travel agencies, airlines and any other travel-related company.
  • With products, you can think of travel gear (bags, tents outdoor equipment), gadgets (phones, action cameras, drones, power banks and other portable devices), summer clothes (sunglasses, bikinis, swimming pants, flip-flops, etc.)

3. Social media marketing

Do you want more interaction with your followers or reach a broader audience through our social media channels? We could plan a Challenge, a Giveaway or Discount/Coupon code and Advertising activities together!

Collaborate with us – we’re keen!

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Have a look at Our Previous Collaborations to see how we operate.