The appeal of Chekafe Japaneses sweets factory is three parts ambiance, two parts food and if you happen to love shopping, equal parts convenience. Hidden in the suburbs of Nairobi’s Lavington, Kauria close off Muthangari rd, with close proximity to the Lavington Mall, the new Chekafe, a Japanese restaurant and subsidiary of the Cheka Izakaya Japanese Restaurant is a favorite and the mere thought of going back always elicits pangs of joy coupled with a sort of gluttonous anticipation, for all the sumptuous food set to hit our palate with just the right amount of aplomb.

Chekafe Japanese Sweets Factory has been open for more than a year now and they have a different menu from their Izakaya branch. They serve hand-made noodles, dumplings, vegetable ramen, vegetable tempura, grilled rice balls and other sweet treats including green tea tiramisu and Japanese cheesecake.

The terrace has an open kitchen. Soft Japanese music playing in the background blends perfectly with the chime bells which dance in the wind creating a soothing melody that encourages one to linger. The casual set up features an outside seating area where tables are covered with parasols. They also have a shop with African and Japanese items for sale such as Japanese herbs, Kenyan herbs, kangas and baskets and decorative curios.

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On our second visit, we started off with Matcha lattes to fight the cold as we waited for our lunch. The dumplings were a delightful starter; a bite into the round snacks revealed a burst of flavor and a little soy sauce dip made the treats savory. For the main course, we indulged in the cheka ramen with braised pork, soft boiled egg and soy sauce.  We had the green tea tiramisu as our dessert which was a decadent treat. The matcha flavours infused into the mascarpone cream. Their menu has vegetarian options too and the prices range from 450/= to 1200/=.

Matcha Latte
Pork Dumplings
Green Tea Tiramisu

You will love this spot because it’s relaxed, laid back and peaceful. We’re definitely looking forward to our third visit!

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