Located along Mida creek, Temple Point Resort is the true definition of a 4 star hotel; comfortable, large, full of character and intimate.The resort blends into the natural environment and like so many of the hotels in Watamu, it has taken great care to respect the natural setting. The makuti (dried palm fronds) thatched roof have been designed to make the most of natural ventilation.

Here is a visual guide of our Temple Point Resort stay

Getting there from Malindi

The Resort is 25km away from Malindi and is easily accessible via public transport. It cost us Kshs150 per person to get from Malindi to Turtle Bay. From Turtle bay we took a tuktuk that cost us 100/= to the resort. Make sure you save the number of the tuktuk driver so you can call him/her when you are ready to leave.

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Swimming pool 1

Checking in

The porters were quite helpful and gave good orientation of the place, and the staff were super friendly welcoming us like long lost friends. We were handed cool face flannel and refreshing cold drinks on arrival, which was the perfect antidote from the sweltering Watamu heat. After the refreshment, we went ahead and checked in, the process was seamless, quick and efficient. We were then issued with wrist bands and ushered to our room.

Swimmimg pool 2

Our Room

It’s no secret that Airbnb is completely changing the way in which we travel. Many travelers across the globe are ditching the traditional hotel bookings and heading straight to Airbnb instead. Imagine our utter surprise when we came across a room in Airbnb which was in Temple Point!!! We got a standard room, all white with Swahili themed decor, a TV, tea and coffeemakers.

To make a reservation in Temple point via Airbnb click here

View of our room

The Restaurant

Meals are served at set times of the day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) buffet style – plentiful, varied, literally something for everyone. Fresh omelettes, eggs and pancakes for breakfast, cereals, fresh fruit as well as sausages. Lots of choice for lunch and dinner, tomatoes, beans, bacon, gorgeous soups , fresh pasta, salads, curries, chicken, vegetables, various rice dishes, fresh fruit and amazing desserts…the list is endless.

Mida Creek walkway

Mida Creek is a tidal inlet that expands across an area of 32 km2. It comprises different types of habitats that are influenced by the tide, for example mud and sand flats, open shallow waters and mangrove forests. Right beside the walkway there is a makuti (roofing made of palm leaves) structure that looks perfect for a sun downer. There’s a little table and some antique lamps where a couple can enjoy a candle lit dinner.

The Beach

The hotel has its own private beach where you can chill and take a dip in the ocean if you so choose.

Activities to do

There are multiple sports activities; water sports include sailing and fishing. Massage and beauty treatments, cooking courses and Swahili lessons are on offer, as well as entertainment. They also offer a snorkeling training course.

The Temple

The resort is named after and built on a site where an ancient temple once stood, some of the ruins still exist Temple point was once a port into Gede (an ancient Swahili Kingdom) and the ruins are those of a mosque. The below ruin is a mimbar; a pulpit in the mosque where the Imam (prayer leader) stands to deliver sermons. There were obviously no loud speakers in those times so the imam would stand facing the wall and this would help amplify his voice.

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