Diani Beach, located 30 km south of Mombasa, is one of the most beautiful beaches in Africa. Diani Beach is well known for its crystalline sands and its a good choice for those who wants to relax and chill out during their holidays. The water flows into a coral reef where you can indulge in water activities like snorkeling and get a chance to see beautiful fishes and corals.


  • Located in South Coast, Kenya, 30 km from Mombasa Town.
  • The beach is about 10 kilometers long
  • It is adjacent to the town of Ukunda, the population of which nears 100,000 inhabitants.
  • A small airstrip is located between the beach area and the Mombasa-Lunga Lunga road.
  • It was voted the 3rd Best Beach in Africa and 22nd in the world!


Check with the local airlines as there are various flights departing for Ukunda Airstrip throughout the week and fairly priced. Alternatively you can take the SGR train to Mombasa and take a taxi to Diani ( Uber charges 5500/= )


Swimsuits, flip flops, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen with high SPF levels is highly advised. You will probably also be in sandals the whole time, unless you’re going out partying or to dinner.


You can easily get a taxi (although because of the high number of expats, these tend to be pretty expensive) or hire a car, but we found no need to. We mostly got around using tuk tuks (rickshaws) as pretty much everything is conveniently located within short distances of each other along Diani Beach Road. Cost is under a dollar, about Ksh 30 for a one-way trip.


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1.Ride a camel at the beach. Just do it. You’ll see several milling about the beach with their owners, it’s fun and pretty affordable too. You can also get some beautiful deras at a bargain.

2. Get a henna tattoo. This traditional Swahili art form has found its place in the contemporary environment. It’s common to find stalls dotted along the beach equipped with the necessary tools of the trade. The Swahili women are ready to draw beautiful designs on your hands and feet at such bargain prices. These women get leaves from the henna plant, dry and grind them into fine powder which is then mixed with liquids like water, lime juice and eucalyptus oil. They then apply this natural paste using a twig, and you could even find desired intricate designs online for them to replicate.

3. Swim at the African Pool. African Pool is a natural forming “pool” of some sorts that people swim in. There are two ways of getting there, either climbing down a small cliff or walking through a sea urchin-infested area. The short trip is 50ksh per person. Get a guide to show you the different sea creatures such as the sea star, the sea slug and sea urchins. One told us in their culture, the sea slug can be taken to a witch doctor and a potion is made in order to keep a man away from your wife! 😀

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  1. Hey! I came around your blog diary of Diani as I was doing some pre – trip research and I love the blog! Quality material here!

    I’d like to know, in the last photo with the big reef cliff that has waters below and also kinda forms a small cave…Where was that exactly?

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