We have been blogging about our beautiful motherland for almost 2 years now and we have received a fair share of questions about traveling in Kenya from all over the world. We’ll try answer them to the best of our knowledge but for further assistance on all things travel visit Magical Kenya

A view of Nairobi from KICC rooftop

1.Do i need a Visa to travel to  Magical Kenya?

If you are visiting from

Australia: Visa required
Belgium: Visa required
Canada: Visa required
Germany: Visa required
Ireland: Visa required
Netherlands: Visa required
New Zealand: Visa required
South Africa: Visa required if traveling for more than 30days
Switzerland: Visa required
United Kingdom: Visa required
USA: Visa required

Visas can be obtained either on arrival in Kenya or as an e-Visa online prior to travel. Single-entry visas (business or tourism) are USD50 and a transit visa (valid for three days) USD20. The single entry visa allows for multiple entries in to Kenya for a period of 90 days provided you have not left East Africa. The four-step e-Visa procedure is completed through the immigration website: Ecitizen and requires visitors to submit an application form and passport-sized photo. e-Visas can take around seven working days to process. Visitors will then be required to present their printed e-Visa upon entry to Kenya.

** If you are traveling on one of our itineraries that re-enters Kenya, you will need to take multiple copies of your e-Visa – one to present at each border crossing.

2.Is tipping customary in Kenya?

Tipping isn’t mandatory in Kenya but a little generosity will be received positively. Setting aside a small amount for porters, guides and drivers is wise, as is leaving spare change at restaurants.

Guide at Amboseli National park

3.What is the internet access like in Kenya?

Travelers will be able to access the internet quite easily in the internet cafes of Kenya’s large cities, but should expect limited or no access in regional and rural areas.

4.Can i use my mobile/cell phone while in Kenya?

Mobile phone coverage is good in Kenya’s large cities and towns, but less so in rural and mountainous areas. Ensure you have global roaming activated before leaving home if you wish to use your mobile phone.

Karen Blixen Museum

5.What are the toilets like in Kenya?

Really now? Squat/pit toilets are the standard in Kenya, flush-able toilets are available hotels and other modern buildings. Cleanliness will vary and it’s a good idea to bring your own toilet paper and supply of soap.

Look who joined our tent in Amboseli !!


6.What will it cost for……

Street food (plate of stew) = 80/=
Bottle of beer in a local bar = 150/=
Food court or fast-food meal = 300-400/=
Meal at a sit-down restaurant = 700-800/=

K1 flea market

7.Are credit cards accepted widely in Kenya?

Credit cards are usually accepted by large hotels and restaurants but not by smaller vendors. Ensure you have adequate cash to cover purchases not able to be made on credit.


8.What public holidays are celebrated in Kenya?

  • 1 Jan New Year’s Day
  • 2 Jan New Year Holiday
  • 14 Apr Good Friday*
  • 17 Apr Easter Monday*
  • 1 May Labour Day
  • 1 Jun Madaraka Day / National Day
  • 26 Jun Idd ul Fitr / End of Ramadan*
  • 1 Sep Idd ul Azha (Muslims only)*
  • 10 Oct Moi Day
  • 18 Oct Diwali (Hindus only)
  • 20 Oct Mashujaa Day
  • 12 Dec Jamhuri Day
  • 25 Dec Christmas Day
  • 26 Dec Boxing Day

* Subject to changes.

Diani Beach

9.Do i need travel insurance while traveling in Magical Kenya?

Having travel insurance to cover those remote possibilities that you have nightmares about (like getting injured or losing your luggage) can help put your mind at ease. Talk to your own insurance company before you leave to see if you’re covered abroad. If you’re not, consider taking out travel insurance for your trip.

Sopa Lodge , Naivasha

Bonus! Recommend great places for animal viewing while in Kenya

  • Kora National Park
  • Meru Game Reserve
  • Hell’s Gate National Park
  • Samburu
  • Mount Kenya
  • Amboseli National Park
  • Lake Nakuru National park
  • Nairobi National Park
  • Maasai Mara
  •  Tsavo

In no particular order 🙂

Hell’s Gate National Park


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