If you love coffee, you probably already know that Ethiopian coffee is perhaps the best in the world. I definitely know it is 🙂 , I drank a lot of coffee when I was in Ethiopia and it kept me awake my entire trip. Not only will you want to drink as many cups of the goodness as possible while in Ethiopia, but it’s also a must to purchase coffee beans in Addis Ababa to bring back home.

There are two main versions of coffee to sample, one is the traditional Ethiopian coffee which is roasted by hand, ground using a mortar and pestle, brewed in a traditional clay coffee pot known as a jebena. You’ll find traditional Ethiopian coffee at nearly all Ethiopian restaurants and all over the streets.

The second type of Ethiopian coffee you’ll love is from the influence of Italy. Espresso machines are everywhere, busting out creamy and strong macchiatos and shots of espresso. Coffee lovers, you’re in for a real treat when you travel to Ethiopia – the coffee won’t let you down!


Tomoca coffee is the gold standard of Ethiopian coffee in Addis Ababa, everyone knows about them.It’s a very small, antique looking, coffee shop where the aroma of coffee will hit you before you enter.There’s no seating, so you basically order a cup of coffee and either stand somewhere, or place your cup of coffee on one of the few stand-up coffee tables.I ordered a macchiato (the Ethiopian style of a macchiato which became one of my standards), to which you can either request strong or medium.It was one of the best cups of coffee I had.


 Mamo Kacha

I visited Mamo Kacha with a friend. It had a very modern design and sort of the trendy feel to it.It’s not exactly the local Ethiopian coffee shop experience, but I admit I found it really convenient and comfortable.Mamo Kacha serves an array of modern international coffee drinks like cappuccino and mocha. They also sell cakes and pastries.I had the best cup of hot chocolate here.




Yeshi Buna

This restaurant is another Addis Ababa institution, with a number of branches spread throughout the city. They have quite a following, for the good quality food and drinks they serve.Some people go just to eat, while others go just to relax and have a cup of traditional style Ethiopian coffee.

Excited to end my Ethiopian Series which has been fun and hopefully informative.

Hope you enjoyed!






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