Wasp and Sprout is a wonderful quirky cafe/coffee boutique hidden away in the Old Loresho Shopping centre. It’s perfect for those Instagram snaps with its design, colors and rustic feel. Don’t we all love to dine in a cafe or restaurant with great ambience? But not many places in Nairobi offer this due to either space constraint or poor decorations/color combinations. For us dining in places where space isn’t an issue, with ample privacy, or sometimes just in places where colors and layout are pleasing to the eye is an added perk! Good natural lighting is a big plus point too Instagrammers can relate.

We stopped by Wasp and Sprout and nothing had prepared us for this place. Tucked away in the run down Old Loresho shopping center is this charming gem with an old-fashioned attractiveness or charm to it; oddly picturesque. It has an indoor and outdoor setup with African inspired furniture and quite an interesting set of decor on both setups ; it’s not an ordinary café. The Coffee Boutique operates as a showroom as well as a vibrant restaurant serving homemade breakfast and brunches menus.

Once we walked in,we were greeted by a refurbished, artsy, creative space- showcasing the artwork and furniture designs of the owners and giving off very fun unassuming vibes.A bicycle hang on the wall right behind Liz, adding to the somewhat quirky charm of this quaint cafe.

The dining space was quite spacious with wooden tables and chairs to match.Small flower pots made for nice props at the table and the lit candles added an intimate feeling to it.If you love books just like us then you are allowed to borrow a book or magazine as you enjoy your meal;this place got us loving it at first sight.

They have a diverse menu  which is pocket friendly with tea and coffee cups ranging between 180/= to a decent 250/=,brunches from 450/= to 1000/=.

Have a look at a few pictures we took .The fun part is you can order the furniture for your home and they will have it ready for delivery in a week’s time. Brilliant idea right there of mixing a coffee shop with a showroom.

If you want a laid back little haven with good music in the background plus fast WiFi this is the place to be.We would recommend seeking out a Wasp and Sprout visit! Its homey vibe is one of the things that just stayed with us.




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