We all wish we could escape to our favorite hole or walk away from work.Well, not really but equally as enticing (for us at this moment), is camping.

When we think about going camping in Kenya,especially if you are in Nairobi,the first thing that comes to mind is the lovely stretch along Lake Naivasha which includes several campsites such as Fishermans, Cray Fish and Camp Carnelley’s. All great places but sometimes you just want to get off the beaten track without having to venture too much further. Lake Oloiden is where it’s at.

Lake Oloiden is a volcanic crater lake a few kilometres away from Lake Naivasha. To get to the Lake Oloiden Campsite all you need to is continue down Moi South Lake road past Camp Carnelleys  until you reach the end of the tarmac road.

The campsite has all the basic facilities that are kept in good condition. The bathrooms are cleaned regularly and if you don’t mind a little bug or two, you will be fine! There’s constant hot water at the flip of a switch so you don’t need to worry about getting a little dirty when camping. When it comes to food we would suggest bringing your own grill and ingredients, come fully prepared. They do have grills for hire but it’s always easier with your own. If you get peckish about the food, there are some lovely little places you can check out that are not too far out… Try the serene Ranch House Bistro or funky Camp Carnelleys nearby.

Some of our  best experiences when camping include sitting by the bonfire with friends (The stories that come out!)  They light bonfires all around the camp for you so that’s one less thing to worry out, the easiest camping experience you will probably ever have. Oh and make sure you wake up early and appreciate the sunrise over the lake. Paired with the gorgeous view it’s some serious sunset/ sunrise right there!

Camp Charges

700/= with own camping gear

If you plan to hire their gear pricing is as follows;

  • Bedding is at 1,000ksh (Mattress, sheet and bedding.)
  • Quad tent @ 4,500ksh, 4 pax sharing 2 double mattresses
  • Kizingo tent @ 6,000ksh for 6 paz sharing 3 double mattresses
  • Jumbo tent @7,000ksh for 8 pax sharing 4 double mattresses
  • Double tent @ 3,500ksh for 2 pax sharing 1 double mattress

Food and drinks are readily available at pocket friendly prices  or you can carry your own. (alcohol is allowed)

Fun activities

Boat ride on the lake at 2000/= per boat ride for 30 minutes. A boat can accommodate up to 7 people.

We took a boat ride ,watch the video Here on the serene lake and were amazed at the beautiful scenery. We got to see different species of birds, hippos grunting, warthogs, giraffes and gazelles grazing in the neighboring Oserengoni Wildlife sanctuary. (A must visit)

Whether simply stopping over before heading out to another destination like Hells Gate to go explore the gorge/ take a dip in the geothermal pool or just to take a quick trip away from the big city, lake Oloiden should be the first on your list especially if you are a first-time camper!


(Contact Oloiden Camp on 0720354889 for more information)






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